Choosing to BE Joyful

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Today I choose to BE Joyful.

There isn’t anything exceptionally joyful going on today – I will go to work, do some writing, get in a workout at the gym and play with my daughter.  I will spend time with my husband, make dinner and go to bed.

Nothing is ESPECIALLY joyful.

Yet it can be!

Because I choose for it to be.

I choose to bring joy to ALL areas of my life today.  I choose to practice going to work and being joyful that I am in a wonderful career as a teacher.  I choose to find joy in writing and sharing my heart with others and embracing the vulnerability this brings.

I am going to be joyful as I go to the gym and work out my body, giving thanks because I am able to do so.

As I look in the mirror at my ‘less than perfect’ body and put makeup on my face to hide the imperfections, I will be joyful because I know that I am blessed to have a body that functions well, even though I’d like to trim some inches here and there.  I am thankful that I have learned how to apply makeup so it suits me and brings out my features and I have extra money to afford to buy my favorite MAC eye shadow and powder.

I will be joyous as I spend time with my husband, knowing that even though things aren’t perfect, I can find joy in the little things and in the fact that I have someone who loves and is committed to me.

I choose to be joyful with my daughter.  A two-year old’s joy can be contagious – when she is happy!  When she is not happy, when she is pushing my buttons and I feel anger and frustration boiling up inside me, I will choose joy.  I will choose to be present with her and love her in the moment.  I know that when I am joyful, it is infectious and she can pick up on my energy and possibly move in that direction more.  There’s a chance, and that alone is worth choosing joy – for both of us ;).

When the frustrations of life are getting to me today, I will choose joy.

I will remember that my perception creates my reality and if I am choosing to be happy, I very often WILL BE.

Each moment I have a choice as to how I’m going to show up and I can make life easier and more fulfilling for myself, or not.

I can go about my day and have all my experiences go through a filter of joy or I can choose to see things as taxing and infuriating.  I can look at life as difficult and unfulfilling, but where does that get me?

If I am choosing to BE negative, ungrateful and hopeless, my life will look exactly like that because those are my thoughts and feelings.

In choosing Joy, I get to experience life from that perspective.  Even when circumstances aren’t going my way – when people are driving slowly in front of me, when my daughter is difficult, when I don’t feel great in my skin or I am struggling with pain, I have a choice.

Sometimes that is the only thing I CAN control – my ATTITUDE.

What do you choose into today?  What will fill you up and create the life that you want to live?

Have a joyous day – I know I will!

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